About Universal Engineering Sciences

Firm Description

For nearly six decades, Universal Engineering Sciences (UES) has provided essential engineering and construction consulting services throughout the United States, including professional and technical services in Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Testing & Inspection, Building Code Compliance review and permitting, Environmental Consulting, and Building Envelope evaluation.

Experienced and proven, UES is considered a pioneer of the industry and stands at the forefront of emerging technology, best practices, and influential legislation. Our work includes public and private clients, as well as public-private partnerships, and consists of projects ranging from transportation and infrastructure to aviation and aerospace. Our engineers, geologists, certified inspectors, scientists, and drillers offer an unwavering commitment to excellence, approaching each project with the knowledge that precision, professionalism, and creative solutions are what drive success and cultivate enduring client relationships.

With over 3,000 employees and nearly 70 fully-operational offices spanning the nation, UES is one of the most experienced, trusted, and resource-rich geotechnical engineering companies of its kind. UES is also one of the largest drilling resources within the continental U.S., with more than 130 individual truck, track, and remote-operate drill rigs. This depth of resource allows UES to continue to offer unique services on each and every project, whether it is a CPT investigation in the silty sands of Southern California’s beach cities, rock-coring rigs in the granites of the Mid-West, or hollow stem drilling and sampling in the expansive clays of the Texas plains.

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Core Values

Chosen by the UES team, our five core values tell the story of how we interact with each other and our clients every day. As UES grows across the nation, we remain grounded and united by these shared values.

  • Customer Service: We build relationships with our clients that are just as impactful and enduring as the projects we work on. No matter the size of the project or interaction, we provide world-class service to our valued clients.
  • Integrity and Trust: Integrity and trust are at the core of what we do. UES cultivates an environment of mutual respect, honesty, and teamwork to build trust across our organization and client base.
  • Quality: “Grounded in excellence” is more than a slogan. We have been committed to delivering high quality and innovative solutions to our clients since our inception.
  • Safety: UES is dedicated to creating a safe environment for our team and clients alike. We follow the latest safety standards and encourage our team to stay up to date on the latest training.
  • Commitment to Our Profession: Each and every member of the UES team has an unrelenting commitment to their profession. We strive to become the best as what we do, whether we are working in the field or in the office. To better the future of the industry and our communities, we challenge the status quo by making it a priority to publicly share our ever-growing expertise and knowledge.


Become the most sought after, respected and successful engineering firm in the country, by making notable contributions to our industry and the communities in which we live and work. Pioneer groundbreaking solutions, attract the best talent and foster enriching opportunities for career growth.


Provide the highest quality geotechnical engineering services, built on our strong foundation of deep industry expertise, trusted relationships, superior customer service and agility, and our reputation for safety and quality, in order to ensure the success of our clients and the national growth of our business.

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