"The role of the forensic engineer is to thoroughly
investigate the circumstances of an event to the
extent necessary to form a technical or scientific
opinion as to its origin and cause.

— Paul H. Danforth, P.E., S.I.

Forensic Engineering

UES has made it a priority to protect and defend the safety of our clients. Applying our structural and geological expertise, we conduct a wide variety of investigative, analytical, and consulting services.

Services include:

  • Building Envelope Investigations
  • Building Consulting and Cost Estimating
  • Coastal Flooding and Storm Surge Evaluation
  • Code Upgrade and Compliance Evaluation
  • Construction Defect
  • Environmental Investigations
  • Fire and Explosion Investigations
  • Flood Damage Assessment
  • Forensic Architecture
  • Geotechnical/Subsidence Investigations
  • Hail Damage Evaluation
  • Hurricane and Wind Damage Assessment
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Litigation Support
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Assessment
  • Roof Damage Evaluation
  • Scour and Sedimentation Analyses
  • Slope Failure and Landslide Analysis
  • Structural Investigations
  • Water Intrusion (Cause and Origin/Duration)

Expert Witness & Litigation Consulting

Our expert witness and litigation consulting services include expert testimony, forensic analysis, cost allocation analysis, deposition preparation, and settlement negotiations. With our extensive training and licensure, we diligently address liabilities and recover your costs.

Services include:

  • Analytical Research Support
  • Answers & Preparation of Interrogatories
  • Case & Project Documentation Review
  • Frye Analysis of Scientific Reports
  • Direct Litigation Assistance
  • Document Discovery
  • Expert Testimony (Depositions, Affidavits, & Court Appearances)
  • Litigation Database Management
  • Preparation of Deposition Questions & Documents
  • Documentation for Attorneys & Expert Testimony Providers
  • Site Assessment & Characterization
  • Trial Graphics & Exhibits

Storm Damage Assessments

UES is one of the first teams on the scene following a natural disaster. After confirming the safety of occupants, our forensic engineers determine and document the causes and extent of the damage to help you begin the road to recovery.

Services include:

  • Structural Evaluation
  • Wind vs. Flood Assessment
  • Storm Surge Determination
  • Wind Induced Failure Analysis
  • Seismic Damage Evaluation
  • Roof Damage Investigation
  • Water Intrusion Analysis
  • Fire Investigation
  • Hail Damage Assessment
  • Business Interruption Analysis
  • Electrical/Mechanical Engineering
  • Reconstruction Consulting