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About the Company

A national network of local engineering, inspection and testing firms providing innovative, creative, personal and professional solutions to our valued clientele with the highest level of integrity and personal attention through a unparalleled network of construction quality assurance firms.

Capital Investment

We explore a spectrum of investment options that – with our operating expertise, professional network and capital – possess the opportunity for greater reward through both revenue and profit expansion. We are an opportunistic growth investor looking to partner with incredible management teams in a engineering businesses.

Knowledge & Expertise

Our management team is made up of experienced engineers and investment professionals that have a deep understanding and expertise in the engineering services space.

We use business intelligence and data to help drive strategic solutions and decisions.

Leverage our powerful network of like-minded professionals and companies because together we can perform better than ever.

Go Beyond

We leverage the experience of our management team and your company’s core competencies to take your business to the next level.

  • Let us help you chart the course forward
  • Expand and grow core businesses
  • Expand your current offerings
  • Leverage the core complimentary services of your sister companies
  • Tap into our network to extend your service offerings
  • Help guide the board and plan for the future ahead
  • Review and implement quality business protocols and process
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Restructuring and turnaround strategies

Our Portfolio

Please click here to read more about our current Family of Companies.

Information Coming Soon

Our new website is in development and will be launching soon. If you want to speak to someone about possibly joining the Universal Family of Companies, please contact Gary Elzweig at:

525 South Flagler Drive Suite 201
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401