The Right Place

UES has fully-operational and fully-staffed branches ranging from California to the DC Metro area to Miami. These strategically located offices meet the needs of our clients by providing local expert knowledge and solutions unique to the region. The wide distribution of our resources also means that we are able to rapidly respond to the needs of our clients with an immediate allocation of equipment and manpower. 

Each office is staffed with dedicated professionals who are familiar with the geographic conditions, state, county, and city regulations, and who have developed strong working relationships with local specialized sub-consultants and vendors.


We understand our client’s desire for fast, accurate testing and inspection results and how the execution of these services can dramatically impact both the project schedule and budget. In response, UES has developed proprietary software called FDC (Field Data Collection), which is one of the industry’s most reliable and efficient methods for gathering, processing, and reporting data collected in the field.

With the use of remote devices in the field, the information gathered by the technicians is saved and transmitted to our office where, in conjunction with samples taken from the field, lab tests are performed and recorded. The resulting data is then uploaded to our dispatch and scheduling application where reports are generated and reviewed by a project manager for quality. Once approved, the reports are then sent electronically to the client.

This entire process begins and ends with the client—a fact that every UES employee involved in the process understands resulting in diligent attention to detail, commitment, and accuracy.

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