"Knowing that the training we conduct not only helps
keep people safe, but it also turns them into 
ambassadors for safety

— Jessie, Biologist

Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational health and safety training saves lives. Since OSHA's founding in 1971, daily employee deaths in the U.S. have decreased drastically from 38 to 15, according to the Department of Labor. Our OSHA compliant safety training services operate with a single purpose—to continue minimizing this number and help employees return home safely.

In addition to our safety training services, we safeguard the health of people at home, in the workplace, and in the community. Our in-house health experts deliver cost-effective consulting services based on OSHA standards to minimize your exposure to chemical, biological, and physical health hazards. We approach each project as an opportunity to inform, educate, and improve communities.

Services include:

  • Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Services
  • Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Services
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Mold Testing and Remediation Design
  • HVAC Inspection and Design Review
  • Water Intrusion Investigations
  • Radon Testing Services
  • OSHA Compliance and Safety Services
  • OSHA Compliance Audits, Gap Assessments, Program Support, and Monitoring
  • Training Services
  • Infectious Disease and COVID-19 Services

For a full listing of services, please view our Statement of Qualifications.


  • Board Certified Industrial Hygienists
  • Certified Safety Professionals
  • Licensed Mold Assessors
  • Licensed Asbestos Consultants
  • USEPA and CDPH Lead-Based Paint Risk Inspectors and Assessors
  • Certified Environmental Managers
  • Licensed Radon Measurement Specialists
  • Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants
  • Council-Certified Microbial Consultants
  • AHERA Certified Building Inspectors, Management Planner, Project Designer, Supervisor, and Contractors