Building Code Compliance Inspection and Plan Review

Universal operates a professional engineering consulting firm consisting of state licensed plan examiners, engineers, architects, and certified building officials. We have grown from a 2-man operation to a major company with approximately 750+ employees. Our Building Inspection Department (BID) staff of licensed professionals and certified inspectors can seamlessly integrate themselves into your workflow and become an extension of your staff. They can be trusted to increase the manageability of the permitting and construction process as well as handle the complexities of code compliance in a professional manner. Due to constantly evolving statewide Florida Building Code, it is critical to have inspectors and plan reviewers who are knowledgeable about the latest regulatory statutes. We also understand that rapid turn-around time on plan review and inspections can represent significant savings to developers, owners and contractors.

Building Code Compliance Services:

  • Private Provider Inspection and Plan Review Services
  • Quality Assurance Services
  • Punchlist Origination Services
  • Threshold/Balcony Inspection Services
  • Due Diligence/Property Condition Assessment Services
  • Window Testing
  • Blower Door Testing
  • Stucco Evaluations
  • Photometric Studies
  • Green Building Evaluation
  • Sound Measurements

Private Provider Inspection & Plan Review

Florida Statute, No. 553.791, signed into law by Governor Jeb Bush on June 1, 2002, became effective October 1, 2002. Known as “Private Provider Inspections” (PPI), the law authorizes the use of qualified engineering firms as private providers for state required building code inspections and plan review on construction projects. This is good news for builders, contractors, and owners since every day saved in the permitting process is like money in their pockets! Yes, it’s true, private building code plan review and inspections can now be done as an alternative to the typical municipal process. Universal has been an industry leader in providing these services since 2003.

Now our clients can enjoy the confidence of having a Top 500 Engineering Firm as code compliance partners on construction projects, all at a reasonable cost! Small or large, we provide the expertise to ensure compliance with building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, gas, energy, and accessibility codes as required by state law. We have our own state certified building code administrator on staff which gives our firm the unique ability to know the issues that affect the operations of each building department, the delivery of services and quality control.  Universal provides fully-insured coverage for all inspections completed, as required by Florida law.

Our BID Staff:

  • Professional engineers and architects
  • Building code administrators
  • General contractors
  • Fire safety inspectors
  • Licensed plans examiners and inspectors

Inspection Credentials:

  • Master Code Professional (International Code Council)
  • Certified Building Official (International Code Council)
  • Certified Building Official (Council of American Building Officials)
  • Code Enforcement and Administration Professional (Southern Building Code Congress International)