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Important Information Regarding Your Dry Cleaning Facility

As the owner or operator of a dry cleaning facility in Miami-Dade County, you need to be aware that the Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources, Division of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) has recently established a regulation to require an approved groundwater monitoring system at every operating dry cleaning facility in Miami-Dade County. This regulation has been established to assess groundwater conditions for dry cleaning facilities that conduct onsite dry cleaning activities.

If your dry cleaning facility meets this requirement and does not fall under any exemption criteria, you have until August 1, 2018 to comply with the installation of a groundwater monitoring system.

Failure to comply with this new requirement by August 1, 2018 can result in suspension or denial of your facility operating permit.

In addition, failure to comply may result in issuance of a Notice of Violation from DERM, which can result in legal actions and penalties from Miami-Dade County. Information regarding this new DERM requirement and further regulatory guidance can be obtained by contacting the Miami-Dade Pollution Regulation Division at (305) 372-6600.

Required Activities to Comply with this New Regulation Include

Step 1: Development of a groundwater monitoring system proposal which has to be developed under the direction of a State Licensed Professional Geologist or Professional
Step 2: Submittal of the groundwater monitoring system proposal with all supporting documentation to the DERM for review and approval
Step 3: Installation and sampling of a sufficient number of onsite groundwater monitoring wells to assess and monitor groundwater quality conditions at your facility
Step 4: Development of a scaled site diagram depicting all key onsite features and the groundwater monitoring system components

Why You Need to Hire Universal to Help You With This Important Compliance Requirement

  • We are a family-owned firm with a 54 year history of operating in Florida and are recognized by local government regulators as a leader in our industry
  • We have a local presence, so we understand the importance of complying with Miami-Dade County regulations and work closely with these regulators on a daily basis
  • We have installed thousands of groundwater monitoring systems across the State of Florida, so we know what it takes to get the job done
  • We own and operate our own drill rigs and sampling equipment, so we can do it cheaper and faster than our competitors
  • We use innovative approaches and provide solutions to your site-specific needs, which allows you to achieve compliance quickly and minimize business disruption

For further information with this new DERM requirement, please contact one of our local representatives who can assist you with complying with this regulation and avoid business disruption

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Environmental Department Manager
Miami Branch Office
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Miami, Florida 33178
Office: (305) 249-8434, ext. 12104

Yasmelia Palerm
Business Development Representative
Miami Branch Office
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