Threshold Inspection

Universal’s Special Inspectors have a tremendous wealth of experience performing Special (Threshold) Inspection services. One major service we perform is to verify that the concrete mix designs are in compliance with the contract specifications in advance of concrete placement. The threshold inspector, who will be on site during all concrete and grout placement activities, will verify that the proper concrete, type and strength is delivered and placed at the proper location. He will record any water added to the concrete and note if it exceeds that allowed in the mix design. Any deviations from the approved concrete mix design will be immediately reported to the general contractor’s superintendent and the owner’s authorized representative.

Universal strives to maintain focus on the following objectives for each project. First, we establish a clear understanding of a client’s needs, goals, and contractual requirements. Then, we seek to gain a clear understanding of the client’s work philosophy and operational procedures. Universal maintains an extensive amount of equipment and has a large resource pool of threshold inspectors and special inspectors readily available.

We also have a document control/record keeping system which allows for expedited report preparation and retrieval of archived data including reports, test results, drawings, and other critical documentation related to each project. There is an integral Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) system in place which ensures that we maintain a high level of quality.